What do I need to know about Hospice?

What do I need to know about Hospice? Medicare pays 100% for hospice and they provide things such as routine medications as long as they are related to comfort and prognosis, equipment (many find the ability to order Oxygen, beds, wheelchairs without needing a doctors prescription amazing), they cover supplies such as briefs, wipes, gloves and wound care. Many families who are struggling with bills or to obtain equipment feel a burden taken off of them.
The patient doesn’t need to be actively dying. qualify with things such as decline in Activities of Daily Living, weight loss, repeat hospitalizations, sometimes labs are drawn to see if people meet criteria. We get a lot of families referred from home health or facility who tell us the hospital said they didn’t meet criteria but the nursing home says they do. I think if you don’t regularly see a decline it’s hard to understand

Another little known benefit is a 5 day respite for Dementia (per month)
Hospice is available 24/7 and they do visits around the clock. So if something happens to medications or patient status and it’s 2am, it’s the hospice problem and their nurses are likely to take care of it and not refer the patient to ER. But while they are available 24/7 Hospice, workers don’t stay in the home and physically care for your loved one person 24/7. Medicare definitely doesn’t pay enough for this. But they provide lots of education and support so the family or other help can provide the 24/7 care

There are many many ways Hospice may be available to help you or your loved one, if/ when the time comes. It’s no longer the very last days.

Hospice caregraph
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