Thanksgiving Conversations

The holiday season is right around the corner! With the family gathered, conversations of the future may arise. Your Health wishes and Plan is something that may not be easy to discuss with your loved ones, but this conversation is often necessary. Often, common mistakes arise from a simple lack of communication between family members. This can lead to misunderstandings about your wishes, which, in turn, can result in disagreements between family members. It is important to discuss your wishes with your family so that your care and your health won’t be handled in a way that you disagree with.

Generations at Thanksgiving

Peace of Mind

One of the most important healthcare decisions you will make is choosing your power of attorney. Depending on where you live, a power of attorney also may be called a healthcare proxy, patient advocate or healthcare representative. Regardless of the name, a power of attorney is someone you choose to make health and medical decisions for you if you’re unable to make them for yourself.

For most people, having this person in place to make medical decisions when they are no longer able to do so can bring peace of mind. Some people choose to designate a power of attorney immediately after a diagnosis or before getting surgery. But really, you can designate your power of attorney anytime you want. You simply need to have an attorney draw up the paperwork. You also can specify when the duties of the power of attorney begin to take effect.

Although Long-Term Care and Estate Planning are difficult subjects for many people to discuss with their families, this conversation creates an opportunity to get your loved ones on the same page about your wishes for the future –

If your family knows exactly what to do when certain circumstances arise, this knowledge can alleviate their anxiety and confusion when they are called upon to carry out your wishes. Furthermore, by involving your family in the planning process, you can ensure that your family values and traditions are understood.

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