Appointment coming up?

  • Be prepared for all doctor and test appointments. always writing down your questions for the doctor and most importantly, do not let him or her rush you.  Doctors are busy and they have many patients, but you only have one. If you have a lot of questions, ask for more time or make another appointment.
  • Don’t feel rushed into decisions; your doctor may say you need to get into treatment today, but give yourself “a minute” to do your research or have a family member help you determine the best treatment and/or clinical trial.
  • Take notes and take someone with you, even if you’re acting as your own advocate. Also, ask the doctor if he or she minds if you record what they say. Most doctors will not mind and if they do, this probably isn’t the right doctor for you.  A second set of ears will also help you hear things you might not have heard before.

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