How Can I Help?

Balancing Independence with Safety for you or your loved one.

Aging in your own home, taking that bucket list trip, navigating the complex world of healthcare and medical decisions. All of this is possible with my assistance to connect you to services so you can live the independent life you want.

What do Patient Navigators do?

Patient Navigators understand that you may be facing many challenges right now. We can help in many ways.

You can work with a Patient Navigator to:

  • Talk with your health care providers and get answers to your questions
  • Get the information you need about procedures or treatments
  • Understand what’s happening with your health care so you can make the best decisions
  • Arrange for tests or other appointments
  • Find out about resources or services that may help you connect to the health care you need
  • Feel less worried

Everyone needs something individual. I am here to help you meet your goals when life or ill health take a toll on your plans.

Don’t give up your dream of traveling. Let me help you anticipate and plan for a safe enjoyable trip. I’ll even accompany you for peace of mind, or ongoing support.

Maybe your aging parents are not safe in their own home, and you are unable to be there for their needs. There is a good chance there are services that help them age in their own home, and even save money.

Each situation is unique and I’m here for you without any competing interests. I do not work for your doctor or your insurance company. If you are struggling with medical decisions, I’m here to help you learn your options and make the best decisions for your own life.

Contact me for a consultation to see if I can help you with your goals.