Letter to My Family

Don’t Panic – It’s OK A Letter to My Family
by Karen Boudreau, MD

If you are faced with a decision that you’re not ready for,
It’s ok
I’ll try to let you know what I would want for various circumstances,
But if you come to something we haven’t anticipated,
It’s ok
And if you come to a decision point and what you decide results in my death,
It’s ok.
You don’t need to worry that you’ve caused my death – you haven’t –
I will die because of my illness or my body failing or whatever.
You don’t need to feel responsible.
Forgiveness is not required,
But if you feel bad / responsible / guilty,
First of all don’t and second of all,
You are loved and forgiven.
If you’re faced with a snap decision, don’t panic —
Choose comfort,
Choose home,
Choose less intervention,
Choose to be together, at my side, holding my hand,
Singing, laughing, loving, celebrating, and carrying on.
I will keep loving you and watching you and being proud of you.