Medical Travel Companion

 Do you dream of traveling, but are in need of an extra helping hand?     How about a caring Nurse and professional companion?    Allowing families, individuals and groups  to realize their independence and travel dreams. 

For seniors who want to travel, health problems may mean that they need help getting from one place to the next. Therefore, consider hiring a nurse to accompany you as a travel companion. I am about making travel accessible, comfortable, and enjoyable for those who may not be relaxed or safe to travel without some knowledgable companion, but who still want to see the world.

A medically trained travel companion offers independence for those who love to travel but require assistance. Maybe you need help with; hospital discharge, airport “transit care”, someone to make sure your travels to your granddaughters wedding goes smoothly, a trip to the doctor/shops, a bucket list Holiday. What are your travel dreams, and how can I help?

Many seniors benefit from travel companions for visits to family for graduations, weddings, or other special occasions. Others might need someone to accompany them to a class reunion or a golfing excursion with friends. The longer the trip, the more likely nursing care and assistance will be needed. Here are some things to consider when hiring a travel companion

Let me assist you with point to point travel..    I can make and organize travel arrangements for you, your family, your group, or I can even accompany you on your travels. 

I provide:  Concierge services  from Home to hospital, or on holiday. Let me know the level of service you need to reach your travel goals and maintain your independence.