What to consider when hiring a travel companion

Go ahead and plan that dream trip. But take me along with you. Allianz Travel Insurance offers this guide to hiring an accompanying nurse. I’m a seasoned traveler and with me along, you don’t have to give up your love of traveling due to declining health.

  • Cost: Hiring a travel companion for seniors and others isn’t cheap, but the price depends on the services you require. The cost of flying coach with a travel companion on a domestic trip might be $2,800 to $4,500 (for both seats), Doug Iannelli, owner of Flying Companions, tells The New York Times. Hiring a traveling nurse for a flight might cost $3,000 to $5,000 (not including the actual cost of airfare).i Make sure you understand what’s included in the quoted price.
  • Qualifications: Has a companion passed a background check? What medical credentials does the companion have — CPR and first aid training, or a nursing degree? Ask about years of experience, including any time spent as a travel or airline professional. Does the companion have experience working with people who have your specific medical condition or disability? Can they speak the language of your destination country?
  • Physical abilities: Is your travel companion physically able to help transfer you to and from a wheelchair, if needed? How about pushing a wheelchair up a hill, or lugging heavy suitcases?ii
  • Insurance: Travel companions should have liability insurance, as well as travel insurance or international medical insurance.

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