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Email: kate foster

Phone: (360)224-9637

Facebook: Healthcare Concierge

I have been a Registered Nurse since 1987 with 12 years experience working in a Major University Teaching hospital. I worked as a Nursing Instructor, in Clinical Case Management, a clinic Triage Nurse. I am a Member of: WASHAA (Washington State Health Advocates Association) NAHAC (National Associates of Healthcare Advocates)  Greater National Advocates and served for 2 years on the National Credentialing Committee for Patient Advocates.

Beginning 2013, I worked with industry professionals to develop a Patient Navigator/ Care Coordinator 6 month training program which was the foundation for Community and Technical Colleges in Washington State offering this certificate. I’m the lead author of the original course and was main instructor for the first 2 years.


  • Bachelor’s (BSN) Degree in Nursing
  • Seasoned professional nurse with decades of clinical nursing experience
  • Case Management experience including complex cases and remote care coordination.
  • Clinical knowledge and experience with adult chronic conditions
  • Experience with behavior change, health promotion, coaching and wellness
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience as Nurse Travel companion