The program was well organized and covered a broad spectrum of topics related to patient advocacy, i.e. health literacy, end of life decisions, insurance, long term care and many more. The lead instructor, Kate Foster, was excellent. She provided well researched information and a positive platform for student discussion. Another plus of the program was the use of guest speakers who were quite knowledgeable in their fields. I enjoyed the hybrid structure of the course and feel that I benefited from the additional information that was available to me for online study. I would highly recommend this program. Recommend?  Absolutely! (student in Patient Navigation Program)

If I had a million dollars I would give it to you! (spouse of client)

You are the reason I’m still here! (elder client)

I’m so glad you were at that appointment. I heard everything so differently and felt confused and disappointed. I appreciate that you were able to hear all of the options available and explain them to me and to my wife. (client navigating complicated specialty consultations)