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This is not related to your physical health, but nothing like someone stealing your social security check to make you feel sick!
Beware of Callers Impersonating Social Security Employees
Seniors should be particularly aware of this scam.

It works this way:

Fraudsters call — often from a number with a 323 (California) area code — to say that you are due a cost-of-living adjustment in your Social Security monthly benefit. Then they request your name, date of birth, Social Security number and parents’ names. With that information, they can redirect your direct deposits to their bank accounts.

“This scam can cause immense harm to seniors, many of whom rely on Social Security benefits as their primary source of monthly income,” said Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), chairman of the Senate Aging Committee. “No one should give any personal information to unknown callers.”

Remember that SSA employees will never ask you for such information over the telephone. If you receive one of these calls, hang up and report it to the SSA Office of the Inspector General at or to the Senate Aging Committee’s fraud hotline at (855) 303-9470. Thanks to Edelman Financial for the article

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