Where do you want to go?

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Adventure Awaits! As I am writing Holiday cards and reflecting on my travels this year, it has me itching to plan for next years getaways. Don’t miss out on your travel dreams and goals. Even if you can’t get around as well as you used to.. It is still possible to plan your escape.

Try traveling with younger generations willing to go slow and together, or a friend who ‘has your back’ or a tour with others that is just your speed. If you prefer a higher level of service, take along a companion who is there to meet your needs.

The first time I knew the value of having medical training available to someone on vacation was 7 years ago, on a flight to Hawaii. I was traveling with my mom and sister and it was a particularly challenging flight for some. Delays, and wind resistance turned a 5 hour flight into nearly 8. Several passengers were suffering. One woman kept fainting. It turned out she had started a new blood pressure medication 2 days prior. That, and altitude, dehydration and fatigue is not a good recipe for feeling good and dreaming of a week in the islands. Finally an overhead plea for medical assistance. I hailed a flight attendant to offer help and was escorted to this passenger and her scared husband. After 45 minutes of questioning, repositioning, support and encouragement, she was still unable to sit up without fainting. It was time to start an IV. Two hours later we landed, and were met by medics. The response team checked her out and released her to her vacation. An eventful flight, but not disastrous!

I have since traveled as an escort ‘blue highways’ trip a few times, a riverboat cruise, gone along on a bus tour through National parks, and have been an escort on a multigenerational trip to Washington DC.

Now of course taking a nurse along on your every flight is not very practical. If you or a loved one are unsteady, slow or generally suffering with declining health, consider paying someone to make sure any mishaps are handled without too much drama.