Strategies (and gadgets/ equipment) for Aging loved ones

Gifts,strategies and approaches that contribute to independent living.

Gifting for aging parents/ loved ones can be made easy if you think in terms of connection, helpful aides and safety

As you visit aging family members for Holidays, take this time to check on their safety and what might make life easier.  (and take time to talk about it all)   The gadget setup is key too!

Looking for Gift ideas?  Here are some Strategies, gadgets, equipment that are helpful as folks age and memory becomes more of an issue

  •  Ramps
  • indoor/outdoor cameras with solar panels so no charging
  • wheelchair, bath seat, cane, walker, chair support for getting up
  • echo show
  • changing locks to one key
  • emergency medical alert
  • suction handles in bathtub and on front door
  • grip tape on all steps/ramps
  • emergency bulbs for power outage
  • visual grocery store list with preferred items.
  • Alarm system that arms/disarms on schedule
  • automatic pull dispenser.
Program the widgets in echo to show the date, a shared calendar, and a place for notes. You can Change the commands to Alexa,  in order to play their favorite songs   have it read the weather each morning, play a song at different times of the day and reminders to take medicine and drink water
As you are setting up:   NOTE  Medics look for any medical info on the resident’s refrigerator.
And of course, remember the all important Power of attorney for healthcare and the conversation that goes with it is paramount to peace of mind. (the best gift for all of you!)