What Meds Are You Taking?

We have talked recently about Advance Directives (and how this time of Covid-19 might change your responses) Take Charge Campaign emphasizes Patient Safety and offers:

The 5 Steps to Safer Healthcare!

1.    Understand & Complete Your Advance Directives
2.    Keep a Record of Your Medical History & Current Medications
3.    Prepare for Doctor Visits / Make A List of Questions
4.    Prevent Infections / Ask Caregivers to Wash Their Hands
5.    Use an Advocate / Be an Advocate for Others

Let’s tackly Step 2

Keep a Record of List of Medications…

  • the name of the medicine,
  • the dosage and frequency, copied right from the label (for example, “Medicine X – one 10mg tablet twice a day with food”.)
  • Also list vitamins and other nonprescription (“over-the-counter” or OTC) products you take. For example, products for indigestion, pain, or eye drops you may use regularly.

Also keep a record of Medical history (tests etc: ) Every time something happens related to your health — an illness, an accident, a new symptom, a new medication, blood work, x-rays, a stay in hospital etc. — add it to the list, along with the date and as much detail as you can: what happened, why did it happen, who cared for you and where, and what was the final outcome.

HOW are you keeping track? Choose your medium – paper, computer, mobile device, etc.  If your list is electronic, make sure you back it up! If it is paper (make a copy- perhaps share with your Advocate)

Check out this video on medication safety The life you save may be your own or someone you care about!