Getting Your Way in Healthcare

The reckoning that comes with a once in a century pandemic brings many things to light. I am hearing so many who are afraid, or impressed with the kindness (and simplicity) of life. I’m feeling (and hearing you) process the grief of what (and who) we have lost. I’m hearing more families, clients and friends consider if their future and the future of their kids is in order.

Do you have your affairs in order? Many of us are reckoning with our mortality. Perhaps you know someone who is fighting for life, or has died. Or maybe you are just seeing it front and center in the news each night. Whether related to Covid 19 or just the increased awareness of our own mortality, front and center in the news, The pandemic reminds us that changes to our health can happen unexpectedly. “So much is out of our control, but we can shape our experience with illness and dying by planning ahead and making death a family conversation.” Sarah Farr

Read more about Sarah’s thoughts in this New York Times article addressing the upsurge in this phenomenom.

  • If you want some help reviewing (or creating) legal forms, or
  • Discussing what your wishes are

If you are inclined to try it on your own: Here is the link to Advance Directives forms in each state: . What are you waiting for?

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