Who is my ‘provider?

Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, ‘PA’? What does it all mean? It used to be that when we went “to the doctor” we actually saw and talked to a doctor, and ‘their nurse’. Now, like many things, it is a little more complicated. Many different professionals are trained and eligible to diagnose, and prescribe what ails you.

Commonly referred to as “your healthcare provider” you may seek services from a Doctor, and Osteopath, a Naturopathic Doctor, a Nurse Practitioner, a Physicians Assistant… There are pros and cons to the varying roles of providers. Consider that a ‘mid level’ provider such as a Nurse Practitioner or Physicians assistant, may have more time to spend with you in your appointment, or perhaps is more available for an urgent visit. A Naturopath may offer alternative testing or treatments in line with your wishes.

The choice remains yours. Weight the pros and cons, including which provider is covered by your insurance/ medicare.