Medical Travel Companion

Do you dream of traveling, but are in need of an extra helping hand? Medical and Travel Assistance is the answer to make this happen. Perhaps you are wanting to go to a Grandsons wedding, or that dream trip to a National Park.   How about a caring Nurse and professional companion to make it all possible?   

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Travel nurse companions can help those with physical or intellectual disabilities in their care with day-to-day activities or medical needs while also providing peace of mind for family members. Many adults require help with everyday tasks or might not have family or friends available to accompany them. Nursing companions empower seniors to take advantage of their independence during travel, so they’re more likely to enjoy trips without limitations or interference from worried family members.

Family members can also find travel companions very beneficial as they don’t have to worry about various “what-if” scenarios while their loved ones are away. Family back home can stay in touch with a travel companion as a non-intrusive way to make sure a loved one is taken care of.

Medical Travel Companions offers transportation and concierge services creating independence for customers who love to travel but require assistance with a concierge companion. This could be help with; hospital discharge, airport “transit care”, trip to the doctor/shops, two week international holiday, VIP escort